What Invosys expect from you when reporting an issue

Initial partner diagnosis / 1st line fault testing

  • Check the number set up is as you expect it to be on the relevant portal (Number Manger or ICS Control)
  • Check the destination number is working as expected.
  • Are the same symptoms present on the destination number? If so please report to destination number provider.
  • Run test calls to see if you can replicate any fault reported.
  • Advise if the issue is constant or intermittent (including frequency if intermittent)
  • If the issue is intermittent, Invosys would require call examples of good and failed calls (around 5 to 10 call examples) with times, dates, call status and symptoms of issue from within the past 24 hours. However, it is good practice to provide test calls for every fault. (Assuming this is a call fault and not a number set up issue)
  • If there is a number set up issue, and an error message shows. A screenshot or copy of the error message would assist investigations greatly.

Once the initial diagnostic checks have been performed, and if any issue is found, please report with affected CLI(s) and confirmation of all the above with any other relevant information and symptoms to support@invosys.com or 01614443333 (option 2 > option 1) where a support ticket will automatically be raised and communicated back to you.

Please note support@invosys.com is only monitored during regular office hours; Monday to Friday 9:00 to 17:00 (Excluding Bank Holidays)

These checks will enable you as a reseller to potentially diagnose any issues at first point of contact for your client. If an issue is found from initial diagnostic checks, all the relevant information can be provided to Invosys. This will enable us to perform checks and have all the information to hand to report to our network suppliers.



Once the issue is reported to Invosys, you as a partner will receive an automated email to advise that your query has been received along with a unique ticket reference.

Invosys will then add a priority to the ticket according to the below chart. Invosys will use best endeavours to resolve all issues as swiftly as possible, but as issues may need to be passed on to network suppliers, the target fix time is also included. For priority level descriptions and target fix timelines, please see relevent section below. 

Priority 1


Total loss of connectivity to the service or severe disruption to one or more elements of the solution have failed causing continued service disruption.



Instability and performance problems. Systems failures making it difficult to continue use of the functions in an effective manner.

Priority 3


Problematic. Services failing on an irregular basis. Problem with specific function or facilities –service affecting.



Non-Critical, an occasional failure which can be overcome without undue difficulty.

fault reporting outside of office hours


Invosys offer a 24/7 fault reporting facility for service affecting issues via OOHsupport@invosys.com or 01614447787 (please ensure that any emails sent to this address are followed up with a call). If a fault is reported outside standard office hours (Monday to Friday 9:00-17:00) the same initial diagnostic checks need to be completed by you as the reseller at 1st point of contact in order to establish the issue and gather all relevant information.

Invosys reserve the right to make appropriate engineer charges at £50 per hour (or part thereof) for any non-service affecting issues reported to OOHsupport@invosys.com or 01614447787 without appropriate 1st line diagnostic checks performed where engineer further investigations reveal there to be no fault.

Please note support@invosys.com is only monitored from during regular office hours.
Monday to Friday 9:00 to 17:00 (Excluding Bank Holidays)

Should you require any further Invosys portal training, please do not hesitate to contact your dedicated Invosys Account Manager.