child-care chain
upgrades to invosys hosted

The Challenge

A trusted Invosys partner approached us with a challenge. Their customer, one of the largest nursery chains in Europe with over 1,100 locations, was looking to upgrade to hosted telephony.

Our Partner researched extensively for a solution for their customer but found none were suitable without significant investment and interruption. The customer’s existing solution, a BT Featureline, gave very limited functionality which was not suitable for their needs.

Alternative hosted telephony solutions provided band aid fixes – SIP trunk behind base stations, expecting to utilise the functions of the base station. These were not suitable solutions.

The  Solution

Working with both the Partner and end user, Invosys built a solution using the Invosys Hosted platform.

Number and extension mapping now takes place via our platform as opposed to the physical hardware onsite. Therefore, the extensions from one physical device are accessible on all physical devices. This allows for all of the functionality of our hosted platform for every single handset.

Furthermore, no changes to existing infrastructure were necessary. Management and support of the devices can be done remotely via our hosted portal. The end user now enjoys a modern hosted telephony system tailored for their unique requirements.


  • Current infrastructure does not support traditional hard wired phones
  • Dect phones within each location was most convenient option for the end users
  • More handsets within a single location than one dect base station can support
  • Current solution would ring all handsets for every inbound call regardless of destination
  • Due to number of users, the customer essentially had two independent phone systems within the same location.
  • Each base is connected to a separate phone line from BT. The only way to get between them is to make a call via BT to get back into the same office consuming both channels.
  • Could not transfer directly between handsets within same location
  • No direct extensions


  • Invosys Hosted
  • Device specific extensions and DDI’s
  • Use of existing hardware
  • No special equipment necessary
  • Full Invosys Hosted functionality for all handsets including call transfers and internal calls
  • Ability to share licenses, unique to Invosys Hosted
  • Remote support and monitoring


  • Cost reduction
  • Fit for purpose
  • Simple and swift solution
  • Painless transition
  • Extended functionality

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