Number Manager 4.4.1 Is Now Live

March 8, 2016

Our latest version of Number Manager is now available giving you access to our new Date Presets.

This a great addition to a date exceptions service which is available across advanced, interactive & enterprise services.

You can now create date groups in the accounts section that can be referenced in multiple services. This gives you the ability to use the same dates across multiple services yet each service can do something different on these special dates.

A great example is Christmas and Bank Holidays. You can put in all your companies official bank holidays and any additional holidays into one Date Preset list. This can easily be uploaded and even shared with your child accounts. We have added in the England and Scotland Bank Holidays for you already to get you started. These can also be used for Training Days, Snow Days, Fire Alarm Tests, Company Events and much more.

Once your dates are loaded into the system you simply go into your service and switch on Date Exceptions.

You can then select the Date Presets Group you have created and link this to a destination, announcement or even link to another service in the usual way. Remember this service is available across all Red Numbers on advanced, interactive or enterprise services.

Our Business Development Managers are ready to share with you this service and show you how to make the most of it on your account. Please call them on 0161 444 3333 for a demo and more details.

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