Introducing Number Manager 4.19
July saw the latest release of Number Manager. This introduces significant performance improvements and additional functionality to both Inbound Services and Hosted.
Improved navigation speed for Hosted

Loading / refreshing / displaying data is now 15 times faster

General navigation is now 5 times faster

Feature codes are now 5 times faster

Licence actions & device types

Number Manager 4.19 brings new custom designed icons and improved dialogue functionality to make it even more intuitive for users.

Functionality Updates: Inbound Service Management

Resellers can now keep numbers in their account as stock for their customers, without them being auto allocated to the Hosted application.

Functionality Updates: Hosted Groups

Users have the ability to direct calls to a group of users through the newly introduced ‘Groups tab’ within the Hosted application. It also allows users to set up/manage groups within the Hosted application.

Users can now:

Add/remove licences to/from a group

Name their group

Assign extensions or telephone numbers to the group

Set ring preferences to the group