Number Manager 3.6 is Now Live!

Author: Amina Marfoua

The latest update to Number Manager has gone live today. There are 3 key changes to look out for: 1) Choose to refuse (Only available on Red Numbers) 2) Choose to accept (Only available on Red Numbers) 3) New account navigation tree Choose to Refuse Choose to refuse is a […]


Number Manager V3.5 Now Live!

Author: Amina Marfoua

Number Manger 3.5 is now LIVE opening up a whole new world of opportunities and cost saving potential. There are 2 new features: 1) SIP Termination 2) International Numbers SIP Termination SIP termination will now allow you to point directly into an IP address. This means where you use an […]


Number Manager v3.4 Released

Author: Amina Marfoua

Today sees the latest release of Number Manager go live, version 3.4. There are some significant changes, most notably is that Number Manager is now live on both Talk Talk and Vodafone. On top of this we also have some key new features available. Area Based Routing Area Based Routing […]


Self Service – Empower your customers!

Author: Dominic Campion

Remember watching old black and white films as a child and when anyone made a phone call they had to tell an operator to connect them to a particular number. Things evolved and technology improved – what happened next “The Dial” was the dawn of Self-Service in Telecoms. Self-Service is […]


How a Memorable Number can Better your Business

Author: Grace Grieve

What are memorable numbers? Memorable numbers can be local geographic 01/02 or non- geographic 08XX, 03XX numbers and they typically come in form of an easy to remember format. They are distinctive phone numbers that can reflect products and services offered by a business. Examples of memorable number sequences: Single […]


Android App Now Available

Author: Amina Marfoua

The Number Manager Mobile App allows registered users to access their Number Manager accounts through any iOS or Android device. Making changes on the move has never been easier, meaning you are not restricted to when and where you can make changes to your services. With the ability to monitor […]


The New Guys

Author: Amina Marfoua

As you may have noticed, there are some new names and faces around the Invosys offices, including my own. As part of our overall strategy for the next year, Invosys has not only invested in new offices and acquired another company, it also has 5 new additions to the team. […]


Rebrand & Acquisition

Author: Amina Marfoua

So, I am a few months into my new role here, and already there have been some significant changes, all pointing to exciting opportunities ahead. Most noticeably is our recent name change from In Call Solutions to Invosys. As well as the new name, we also have a fresh new look, […]