Invosys Prepare for Ofcom Changes from the 1st of July 2015 

Author: Stephanie Warwick

As we’re sure you will now be aware the Ofcom Clear Pricing Initiative comes in to place on 1st July 2015. Further information on the Ofcom changes is available on the dedicated website at this is aimed mainly at consumers, however it gives a full breakdown of the upcoming […]


Call Management Applications

Author: Amina Marfoua

Communications management products are a great way to find out more about your customer as well as being a vehicle through which your clients can measure and control their costs. Comms Business asked us the following questions: Today call management applications have become far more than the call loggers of yesteryear. […]


Agent Ready Is Now Live And Ready To Download

Author: Amina Marfoua

Agent Ready is the latest addition to our product suite. A simple mobile and web app that works alongside Number Manager to allow remote workers to log themselves in and out of hunt groups, and allow them to decide when and where their calls are sent. Managers can use the […]


Enterprise Number Manger Is Now Live!

Author: Amina Marfoua

As many of you may already know Enterprise Number Manager is now live. It is our first product to form part of our new Enterprise Suite. Enterprise Number Manager is a drag and drop provisioning tool that helps make building complex plans even easier and brings even more flexibility to how […]

Closed Sign for Snow Storm

Oh, the weather outside is frightful!

Author: Anthony Moorby

It’s Wednesday morning and you’re on your way in to the office. You’ve already had two calls from colleagues who have been snowed in and now it looks like you’re going to have to turn back too. Now you’ll have to rearrange that important team meeting that was scheduled for […]

0800 & 0808 free from mobile

0800 & 0808 free from mobile

Author: Anthony Moorby

On June 26th 2015, a new Ofcom ruling regarding calls to 0800 and 0808 numbers will come in to effect. The rule states that calls to 080 numbers will be free to call for consumers from next summer, regardless of whether the call is made from a landline or a […]


Number Manager 3.6 is Now Live!

Author: Amina Marfoua

The latest update to Number Manager has gone live today. There are 3 key changes to look out for: 1) Choose to refuse (Only available on Red Numbers) 2) Choose to accept (Only available on Red Numbers) 3) New account navigation tree Choose to Refuse Choose to refuse is a […]


Number Manager V3.5 Now Live!

Author: Amina Marfoua

Number Manger 3.5 is now LIVE opening up a whole new world of opportunities and cost saving potential. There are 2 new features: 1) SIP Termination 2) International Numbers SIP Termination SIP termination will now allow you to point directly into an IP address. This means where you use an […]