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Introducing Number Manager 4.19

INVOSYS PRODUCTSIntroducing Number Manager 4.19July saw the latest release of Number Manager. This introduces significant performance improvements and additional functionality to both Inbound Services and Hosted.Improved navigation speed for Hosted Loading /...

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BATS, BEERS & BALLSY BUSINESS BATTER UP! Invosys is set to knock it out of the park on 11th of July at our latest partner event. Taking over Base Bar in Manchester, we will be sharing the future of UK telecoms and our strategies and support for Invosys partners secure...

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TACOS, BEERS & BIG IDEASInvosys is not your average telecoms company.That's why when it came to our first partner event of 2019 on May 1st, we chose to do things our own way... A RECIPE FOR SUCCESSTacos, Beers and Big Ideas were on the menu that evening at Bristol...

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Are Your Customers Still Using ISDN?

Are Your Customers Still Using ISDN?Have You Spoken to Your Customers About IP Telephony? With BT planning to cease taking orders for ISDN from businesses in 2020 and the complete ISDN switch off in 2025, businesses now need to consider their options for the...

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Invosys Achieves ISO 27001 Accreditation

Invosys Receives ISO 27001 AccreditationInvosys recently underwent the ISO 27001 audit conducted by the International Organisation for Standardisation. The audit assesses organisations' practices for information security, which includes data handling and device...

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Missed a Call? No Problem

Missed a Call? No Problem. 'It is estimated that missing calls costs UK SME's close to £90 Million a year.'The reality is that if all of your customers' phone operators are busy or unavailable, missing a call often cannot be avoided. Luckily, our Inbound, Hosted and...

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Track Call Stats With The Invosys Reporting Suite

Tracking Call Stats With the Invosys Reporting Suite The Invosys product suite offers detailed reporting for both live and historic call stats.  Businesses can track call stats to better manage their staff and monitor wait times for callers to their line. Available...

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Advanced Call Queuing Creates a Better Customer Experience

Advanced Call Queuing Creates a Better Customer Experience Call queuing benefits both the customer and the business using the solution. How? It helps to build a better caller experience that increases customer conversion rates and protects employee productivity. The...

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Manage Costs and Increase Efficiency With Auto Attendant

Manage Costs and Increase Efficiency With Auto Attendant Auto Attendant acts as a virtual receptionist for businesses by allowing callers to redirect themselves to the department or person they need. Invosys lets businesses easily build an intelligent menu system for...

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