My Favourite Innovation – by Steve Glaister

September 10, 2017

Invosys are celebrating innovation this week in the run up to Channel Live. Steve Glaister gives his take on one of the best innovations of all time:

I like innovations that save time and that can amuse me. I like those people who can take an everyday object and transform its initial mission in life and take it to a higher level. I like my robot lawn mower.

We moved house last year and gained a much bigger plot. The thought of spending an hour and a half every week mowing the lawn did not fill me with joy – my electric mower was not going to cut the mustard. “Get a ride on mower” was the cry, alas, our garden is not that big. I had nowhere to store one, and there are a few trees which would mean I would still have to go around later with a push mower to finish off.

So we got a robot mower through “Prime” day.

Every morning “Patrick” comes out of his kennel (yes) and mows for an hour, goes back and charges himself up and then comes out an hour later. All day, every day the little mower comes out and mows my lawn. In a week it mows the whole thing completely at random. It continually mulches the grass, so no clippings are left rotting in the compost bin, or having to be hidden in the grey bin (so the council don’t notice), which also has the side benefit of transforming the condition of the grass.

Far from this being the lazy option, this is the type of innovation showcased on Tomorrow’s World when I was a child. This is heading to the world of the Jetsons.

Steve Glaister, Invosys Sales Director

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