Meet The Revolutionaries – Stephen Taylor

August 2, 2017

This week we ask Stephen Taylor, Invosys Product Manager, how he can help take the telecoms industry by storm: 

Stephen Taylor

Invosys Product Manager

What’s the best thing about working for Invosys?

The fact we still maintain our sense of agility, like a small business can. Your efforts can very quickly be realised as benefits to the customer and business alike, unlike larger companies where you seem to have to jump through hoops to get things done.

Invosys are on a mission to challenge the telecoms channel and lead a telecoms revolution. How can you help with this through your role?

As Product Manager for Invosys, my role is pivotal to achieving this and this aim is at the forefront of my mind with every decision I make.

Having an objective like “leading a telecoms revolution” allows us to be flexible, dynamic and creative in our approach which in turn keeps us motivated and energised.

Who is your favourite revolutionary, past or present?

Slightly controversially – it would Margaret Thatcher for me.

She may not have made all the right decisions and certainly some unpopular ones, but she turned a country around against all the odds with confidence and tenacity.

Let’s not forget she privatised BT all those years ago allowing companies like Invosys to compete in this industry! I feel British politics lacks this kind of courage and honesty today.

What is the biggest challenge facing the telecoms channel in 2017?

With traditional telco services becoming more and more commoditised, I feel service providers are being forced to broaden their spectrum of service offerings. Whether that be more of an involved managed/professional services approach or branching into other areas such as connectivity, Infrastructure as a Service or hosted telephony.

All this change carries with it huge additional challenges in order to serve customers in the best way possible…changes to systems, support channels and infrastructure mean that even some of the most established providers in the market right now are finding themselves spinning several plates just to remain in the game.

Keeping the customer needs in clear line of sight – and not doing too much – is the key to getting it right, in my opinion.

Invosys are all about throwing out the rulebook. Tell us about a time that you have thrown out the rulebook to achieve better results.

Early in my career, when I worked for BT, I was asked to arrange a quarterly team meeting for 16 people. I was given a budget and objectives, but rather than booking a boring conference facility in the Midlands like we always did, I took everyone to Amsterdam and was able to squeeze in some excursions too with the money saved.

It raised a few eyebrows throughout the business but nobody could say anything because we achieved what we needed and had some fun too! I knew if I asked permission, it would be a “no” so I just went ahead. I wasn’t asked again!

It raised a few eyebrows throughout the business but nobody could say anything because we achieved what we needed and had some fun too! I knew if I asked permission, it would be a “no” so I just went ahead. I wasn’t asked again!

And lastly…Can you rise to the challenge?

Life is more fun with a few challenges, isn’t it? Bring it on!

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Meet the Revolutionaries – Stephen Taylor

August 2, 2017

It’s no surprise that the Invosys team like to rise to the challenge and Pre-Sales Project Manager Darren Singleton is doing just that this weekend. He is taking part in the Berlin Marathon to raise funds for a charity that is quite literally close to his heart.

“This weekend I’ll be taking on one of the biggest challenges of my life and running in the Berlin Marathon for the British Heart Foundation, raising both cash and awareness for a wonderful cause. Last July my Father in Law, Pete, suffered multiple cardiac arrests and despite the odds of just 25% of surviving just one heart attack, he made it out of the other side. My own Dad also suffers from angina and a good friend had recently lost his father to a heart attack, and so keeping hearts healthy was something that had become very important to me.

Darren Singleton

Invosys Pre-Sales Project Manager

It was while listening to Pete’s “Father of the Bride” speech at his other daughter’s wedding, when he spoke about how lucky he was, that I was inspired to do something to help raise funds for the British Heart Foundation. I chose the Berlin Marathon as it was in the middle of this year and as I had only been running since last summer I wanted to make sure that I was fit for the challenge.

Much to my surprise I got an email from the BHF to say I had been successful in my application, and the realisation of what I had done set in! This is when I thought I best let Jen (my partner) know I had applied, and she was very supportive of me as always and told me to go for it.

Since then I have been training 5 times a week religiously, even doing so on my summer holiday to Kos where I was getting up at 6am, and running in a mild 29 degree heat as the sun was just rising. I haven’t had a proper drink since I started training, and I have lost well over a stone in weight from it too, from watching my diet. It’s fair to say I am taking the challenge very seriously, my determination to succeed inspired by Pete and also from watching my mum fight breast cancer with such courage. Sadly she lost that battle, but it still makes me think of her and gives me my desire to push on.

Berlin Marathon

I’ve really enjoyed the experience leading up to the Marathon, it’s brought new experiences, such as joining a heart start session organised by the BHF where I brushed up on my CPR skills. Hopefully a skill I never need to use, but if it did come to it I would hope that I could help save a life. I have created my own blogging site which contains more details about my challenge and I would love people to visit my donation page I’d just like to thank the support of everybody at Invosys and my friends and family, it has really helped spur me on. I’d love to smash my £2500 target to bits, so please support me in any way you can.”

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