Margin In Voice & Data – We’ll See You There!

June 21, 2017

Invosys are a market-leading communications technology company, specialising in creating and hosting feature-rich call management technology within our own advanced network, which is home to thousands of services.

This week, we’ll be putting our money where our mouth is and rising to this challenge, as sponsors of one of the most exciting events in the telecoms calendar, Margin in Voice & Data (MiVaD).

For nearly a decade MiVaD has provided voice and data resellers with valuable insights into how new technologies are evolving in SME workplace environments and, crucially, what commercial opportunities these represent for channel businesses.

We’re a new generation carrier and our aim is to challenge the channel and rip up the rulebook, providing groundbreaking – yet simple – products and services.


This year, the key focus of the event will be on the shift to Cloud Communications and the new connectivity solutions driving this change, along with the value-added opportunities new business environments are creating for the ICT channel.

Future connectivity is going to be a hot topic – with ISDN on the way out and telephony is moving from PSTN to more flexible SIP trunks. Cloud is becoming more mainstream and, along with it, the demand for bigger data pipes is escalating as more and more services are added to business networks. MiVaD will be asking delegates if they are up to pace – and Invosys will be asking why connectivity is still an issue for so many businesses in 2017.

Hosted Telephony

MiVaD will also have a focus on Hosted Telephony and will warn the channel that if resellers don’t embrace VoIP hosted soon and adopt a different sales process to take advantage of the added benefits hosted can bring, they risk losing sales.

With the launch of our own Hosted product, this is a seriously hot topic for Invosys – and once again, we’ve lead the way, approaching our hosted platform from a different angle than other companies.

The hosted market is all about having an edge and with the developments that are coming in the next few months, Invosys Hosted is set to shake up the channel, putting power and control directly into the hands of our resellers.

Want to know more? Come and see us on Thursday!

We’re more than ready for MiVaD this week. We’ve got an exciting new product to talk about and plenty to say about the key talking points covered by the event. More than that, you can’t beat the buzz that comes from so many different businesses from our incredible industry all under one roof.

Come and see us this week, and let’s get talking.

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