Keeping people happy – part two

November 27, 2017

Last time Chief People Officer for Invosys, Dan Fish, gave his take on some of the best ways to keep employees happy and motivated.

This week he continues to explore some of the tried and tested methods that the Channel can use to protect their biggest asset.

Autonomy and Trust
Every employee starts at Invosys as we see a spark and believe they will excel in both the job role and company culture.

Therefore, micro-managing and carrot and stick types of management are completely off the table. Invosys want free thinkers and problem solvers so we trust all employees and give them autonomy to arrive at solutions in their own ways.

This philosophy works across the board – there aren’t many companies where the COO will go and make morning tea and toast for the rest of the team!

Building and developing skillsets
We’re told we are lucky that we don’t have a high staff turnover at Invosys. We don’t put this down to luck.

Invosys encourage employees to build and shape their careers through learning new skills, be it in house training or practical training out of the office. We want our employees to expand their skill sets and be motivated to take up opportunities within the company and so we provide the foundations for this.

Treat everyone as an individual
Invosys embrace diversity. We know that no two people are the same. They all have different drivers and different motivators. Employees are not numbers; they are human beings and are treated as such.

We celebrate births of children, qualifications gained and marriages – and we show compassion when things are not going so well.

Create a fun work environment.
We’re ultra-serious about driving our business – but if you can’t have a good belly laugh in the office, where can you?

We aim to provide a great place to work and embrace fun and participation, through bake-offs, breakfast club, staff parties, get togethers and charity events such as The Gauntlet Games. Day to day, we want people to enjoy what they are doing – and who they are working with.

Don’t rest on your laurels, innovate and be a rebel
The days of offering the same benefits to all staff and going through mountains of red tape to make any changes are over. Taking regular health-checks is important.

What is working, what is not working? Do we have benefits that no one uses any more, could we freshen this up? What new incentives and benefits could we offer? What do our employees really want?

Invosys as a forward thinking innovator and disruptor don’t just focus on this for our customers, we also focus on our employees. It just makes sense.

So there we have it. The ultimate guide to keeping your team happy. We think we do a pretty good job of it at Invosys – and we hope that by following our tips, we can help you do it too.

Dan Fish, Invosys Chief People Officer

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