Invosys Completes Stage One of ISO 9001

July 26, 2017

Communications technology market leader Invosys have successfully completed stage one of the ISO 9001 Quality Management Audit with flying colours – with no non-conformities or room for improvements found at the inspection.

ISO 9001 is the internationally recognised quality management system standard developed to benefit businesses who want to continually improve their performance. Designed as a powerful business tool, the certifications helps organisations to streamline operations, reduce costs and promote overall improvements across the board.

Invosys Commercial Manager, Amina Marfoua, has been working tirelessly on the first stage of the audit and is continuing to prepare for phase two later this summer.

She said:

Amina Marfoua, Invosys Commercial Manager

“At Invosys, we are at the forefront of innovation and great advocates for positive change.

As a company, we are evolving at a rapid pace and it is important that we constantly improve on our systems and service for the benefit of both the customers and the business as a whole.

The ISO 9001 Audit has played a crucial role in this, helping us to celebrate our strengths and identify areas for development.”

Invosys have been working towards the standard with BSI, a world renowned business standards company that helps organisations across the globe make excellence a habit.

The audit report, produced by Exova BM TRADA, was extremely positive about Invosys, citing that:

“Leadership and commitment was evident during the entire audit.”

Document Control was also rated highly, with a special mention given to a series of live tutorials Invosys are running to staff across the company to ensure consistency in procedure.

Invosys recently rebooted their branding as the group pledges to shake up the channel and challenge the telecoms establishment with better, simpler and smarter products.

Ensuring that quality management is completely integrated with the company’s business strategy is pivotal to achieving this.

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