Give Your Support Team a Well Deserved Rest This Christmas
24/7 technical support
3rd Dec 2018
The festive period is a time to relax and unwind with family and friends, but in our modern 24/7 economy, this is not the case for many businesses.
And in the technology industry, around the clock technical support has become a requirement for providers wanting to offer the best service they can to their customers. So what are your choices as a provider? You can either fail to meet your customer’s expectations by offering limited support or be the office Scrooge and make your staff work throughout the festive period. Both choices are not particularly appealing.
How Does Invosys 24/7 Work?

Invosys 24/7 is a 24/7 technical support solution that allows technology companies to outsource their inbound technical support calls to a team of well trained technical support agents.

They are always on hand to answer your inbound technical support calls, no matter what time of the day it may be. You can manually divert calls during times of heavy inbound call traffic, schedule diverts, automate call diversions or just have them on hand for if things go wrong.

With a transparent pricing model, we want you to pay for only the support you need. Nothing more and nothing less.


INVOSYS 24/7 Currently Supports:
24/7 technical support
24/7 technical support
24/7 technical support
24/7 technical support

ADSL Broadband

Fiber Broadband

Leased Lines


24/7 technical support
24/7 technical support
24/7 technical support
24/7 technical support


Hosted Telephony

Managed WiFi

Social WiFi

Our Support Agents Take Their Turkey at Their Desk
If you would like to give your staff a break this Christmas and still maintain continuity of service, the Invosys 24/7 team is here to help. They can handle your inbound technical support calls whenever you need them through a simple call divert.

True to their name, they work 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year. Aside from always being available, the team are fully trained in your company’s technology, identity, and tone of delivery so they can offer the service that your customers expect from you. We fully white label our support, ensuring your customers are only ever presented with your brand.

24/7 technical support
Save Yourself Money and Delight Your Staff 

In the Christmas period when technical support calls will likely be few and far in between, is it really worth making members of your own team come into the office when they don’t necessarily need to? You could save money on labour costs (and avoid any grudges) by letting the 24/7 team answer your inbound calls and make Christmas come a bit earlier for your hard-working tech support agents.  


24/7 technical support is Not Just For Christmas
A bit like a puppy, Invosys 24/7 is not just for Christmas. We can support you and your customers all year round, with a simple pricing model that makes the service always cost effective. If you need a full proof 24/7 technical support, help during peak times for call traffic or cover in the event of a disaster at your offices, our team are here to support you.
24/7 technical support
24/7 technical support
Find Out More About Invosys 24/7 Today

To find out more about Invosys 24/7 and how you can provide your customers with 24/7 outsourced technical support, download the Invosys 24/7 product brochure.

If you would like to speak to a member of the team at Invosys about making 24/7 available to your customers, speak to our team by contacting

0161 444 3333 or  [email protected]

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