Forget everything you thought you knew about IP Telephony.

Invosys’ cloud based PBX Has arrived

Wanting to break free from the convention of simply reselling one of the incumbent services, Invosys has challenged market norms by developing a unique cloud based PBX service filled with features your customers will love. Integrating neatly into our trusted Number Manager platform, new and existing customers are easy to setup and manage plus it offers access to a brand new interface for end user customers to configure their new telephone system to meet the individual need of their business and users.


cloud based PBX
Built to perform

90% of VOIP companies are reselling someone else’s product; we decided to break convention and do it better. Two-years in the making and using the very best specialist resources we offer a truly independent and cutting edge platform which we have the freedom to continue to develop and advance to ensure we stay ahead of the curve for years to come.


At Invosys, we focus on providing our partners and their customers with the best deal possible. That’s why we use straight forward commercials so that both parties can understand the true costs involved without complex add-ons which are difficult to track. We know that our honest and transparent approach to commercials for products such as Hosted has formed the foundations for many of the strong channel relationships we hold today.

ideal for:

✓ Businesses with
high call volumes

✓ Small businesses to major corporations

✓ Companies looking to
streamline call costs

✓ Companies looking to  enhance caller experience


Invosys Hosted adapts to meet the needs of your business. Brand new customers can be set up and configured in a matter of hours and the expansion of users can be simply configured using our online portal in a matter of minutes. Integrated into the Number Manager platform, you will receive the same market leading experience you know and love, layered with the innovative features of our Hosted VOIP product.


The Invosys Hosted VOIP platform runs on a cluster of redundant servers across multiple UK data centres built to the highest specification. We have our own network engineers responsible for owning, configuring and managing our infrastructure to ensure our customers get the very best experience.

Dial By Name

Allows caller to find a person they are looking for by dialing the an employee name.

Voicemail to Email

Voicemails left at your extension arrive in your email so you don’t have to search for messages across devices.

Mobile Diverts

Temporarily or permanently divert calls to any mobile number outside of your system at any time.


Invosys Hosted works with all modern IP devices including Polycom, Cisco, Yealink, Gigaset and softphones.

Group Pickup

Group pickup allows a user to pick up a call that is currently being made to another device.

Find Me, Follow Me

Easily control how calls are routed to users with multiple devices according to their preferences.

Time of Day Rules

Pre-configure your office hours and holiday times to direct callers to alternate devices, recordings, or voicemail boxes.

Hot Desking

Virtually move your phone to another station at any time across multiple offices.

Disaster Recovery

Power outage? Snowed in? Internet down? Calls are automatically diverted to your mobile devices.

Join the Revolution


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Invosys are a new generation of innovator; a creator of ground breaking solutions, that are easy to use and even easier to sell. Exclusively Channel focused, we have lead from the front with our cutting-edge, in-house developed technology.


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