Whose Brand are You Promoting?
Content for Channel Partners
November 5th, 2018
Each time you post, share or send a piece of content, you are increasing the exposure of your band. Well, at least you should be. Why is this important? Increasing the awareness of your brand helps you to reach potential new customers and stay in the minds of those familiar with your business. In any industry, brand awareness is a key element of marketing strategy but in telecommunications, it can help you stand out from a crowded market of operators.
Content for Channel Partners

Sharing Unbranded Content is a Missed Opportunity

No matter what type of content you are sharing, whether it be PDF’s, videos, guides or anything else, failing to include your company branding in the content itself means you are not capitalising on an easy opportunity to build exposure for your brand. It can take some effort to build a brand. When you share your supplier’s content with their branding, it can mean your efforts might not really benefit you. You need to ask yourself, whose brand are you really promoting?

Content for Channel Partners

Invosys Provides Branded Content for Channel Partners

As part of our commitment to partners, Invosys provides a full marketing platform chocked full of content regarding every product in the Invosys suite. This platform is available to every partner that we work with as a part of their contract with Invosys. And the best part? We fully customise content for channel partners , free of any additional charge.

Content for Channel Partners

White Labelled Products Require White Labelled Marketing

At Invosys, we enable our partners. Our commitment to helping them succeed spans across the areas of technology, sales and marketing. All of our products can be fully white labelled to include our partner’s branding and company identity. It makes sense that we therefore offer white labelled content for channel partners with their own company branding, rather than our own. We want you to be you, so when you share, post or send content, it will be entirely in your branding. This way, you can grow your brand’s unique identity and achieve recognition.

Start Your Marketing Campaign Today

Getting started with Involve couldn’t be easier as an Invosys partner, it takes just a few minutes to sign up and once you have done so, you will soon have access to a vault of content waiting to be shared on your channels. The number currently stands at over 4,000 pieces of branded content populated on Involve. This includes PDF’s, videos, guides and case studies, with more content being uploaded for our partners each month. For more information about Involve and to get your content marketing campaign started, speak to a member of the Invosys team today by calling:01614443333 or send an email to:[email protected]

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