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The world’s greatest innovations?

Author: Grace Grieve

Innovation is the very heartbeat of the channel and we want to encourage more companies in the industry to adopt this mind-set. At Invosys, we believe innovation is a powerful tech revolution, with the potential to propel the world of communications forward. A successful, growing industry, ready to not just survive the future – but to lead it.

We’ve been asking the Invosys team about their favourite innovations of all time. First up, its Dan:

Dan Fish, Operations & HR Director.
Without doubt it has to be GPS. Quite simply, it’s genius. Not only does it save me and my passengers from my poor map reading skills – as well as preventing me getting very lost wherever I’m driving – it also allows me to track all my runs, swims and cycle rides. Any anyone who knows me is aware – if it doesn’t go on Strava, it didn’t happen!

It’s something we take for granted now, but when you really think about it, not so long ago it would have been considered highly futuristic technology.


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