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The Joy of Hosted: Part One

Author: Grace Grieve

Think you know your Hosted? As Invosys launches their innovative Hosted offering, Steve Glaister says it’s time to rip up the rule book and think again:

Hosted telephony is fast becoming a buzz word in the Channel and beyond. There’s no dispute that it’s a huge opportunity and with BT turning off ISDN, customers will soon be forced to look elsewhere.

It’s also no surprise that there are many established hosted providers, from huge corporates to those running a soft switch from a garden shed, who will be positively rubbing their hands together at the prospect of an influx of new customers. After all, they know what they’re doing. The business is in the bag, a done deal.

But what if we just stop for a minute?

What is there is a better way?

What if we park everything we think we know – and forget the rules of hosted?

So why is Invosys hosted different?
At Invosys, we have approached our new hosted platform from the reverse direction of other companies. We already have an established, industry leading inbound routing platform, and our hosted offering is an extension of that. All of our inbound products will be added to a hosted switchboard, which has its own set of functions as well.

Think that sounds complicated?
On the face of it, yes – but that’s for our highly skilled behind the scenes teams to worry about.
For the end user, we’ve just taken the Invosys ethos of beautiful, simple software, made it easy to use, logical to set up and built to work first time, every time. It’s as straightforward as that.

That sounds great – but what does it mean?
Invosys are not one to follow the crowd and yet again, we’ve ripped up the rule book. We’ve spoken to our customers and listened – really listened – to what they want and then we’ve gone ahead and created it.

Unlike the vast majority of hosted providers, we’re not reselling another company’s product repackaged as our own. This is our baby and we own the code for it, giving us the agility to make changes and react to the industry demands fast. There’s no sitting in a queue waiting for updates to be made – we do everything in house.

The hosted market is all about having an edge. With the developments that are coming in the next few months, Invosys Hosted are set to shake up the channel, putting power and control directly into the hands of our resellers.

Next week we’ll publish part two and focus on the disruptive side of our offering.


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