Invosys – leading a telecoms revolution

Author: Grace Grieve

There’s something in the air at the moment at Invosys. There’s a real sense of optimism around Bridgewater House where Invosys are based. Maybe it’s the arrival of the bank holiday season and the promise of long sunny days just around the corner, or perhaps it’s something more. Whatever it […]


Connectivity – is the cloud for everyone?

Author: Grace Grieve

Peter Crooks asks …does cloud work for everyone? Since the inception of Invosys, the cloud has been at the heart of everything we do. Network and cloud based call management is a perfect solution, allowing end-users to benefit from sophisticated call handling solutions, free from the burdens of capital expenditure […]


0500 number switch – are you ready?

Author: Grace Grieve

It has been common knowledge for some time that the old-style Freephone 0500 numbers are due to be withdrawn on the 3rd June 2017. 0500 numbers are now pretty rare, but we do still come across them and some organisations are still using them. It’s now just a few weeks […]


Invosys are inspiring the next generation

Author: Grace Grieve

Invosys are committed to assisting young people who are considering entering the telecoms sector after their education. Recently, 17 year old Lewis Bowes from Clitheroe Royal Grammar School spent some time with the development team – here’s what he had to say about his experience. Why Invosys? I had heard […]


Getting the most out of inbound – Part Two

Author: Grace Grieve

There’s no disputing that over the past few years the Channel (not to mention the world as a whole) has seen some huge changes. Last month Invosys’ Steve Glaister gave his take on how resellers can get the most out of inbound in the current climate. In part two, he […]


April’s Great Invosys Bake Off

Author: Grace Grieve

As soon as we kicked off the Great Invosys Bake Off in April, in aid of the PDSA, we knew that things were going to get serious for this month’s event. After weeks of rumours and whispered conversations in the kitchen, it was clear that the stakes were going to […]


Dan’s our Marathon Man!

Author: Grace Grieve

Last weekend Invosys HR Manager Dan took on the race of his life and completed the London Marathon for the PDSA. Here is what he had to say: Ever since I was a young child, I’ve watched the London Marathon on TV, admiring the feats of all who took on […]