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Meet the revolutionaries: Dan Fish

Author: Grace Grieve

For a company to bring about change, a strong, dynamic team is essential. It’s time to meet Operations and HR Director, Dan Fish, to learn more about his role in the telecoms revolution:

What’s the best thing about working for Invosys?
Without doubt, it’s the people. We have built a great team of likeminded individuals who are all very committed to what we are trying to achieve here. Everyone from the Directors to the apprentices are encouraged to be themselves and have their say in how to improve all areas.

Invosys are on a mission to challenge the telecoms channel and lead a telecoms revolution. How can you help with this through your role?
As I head up the Operations Team and also HR, I can ensure that employees are skilled, empowered and engaged. Ready for the challenge!

Who is your favourite revolutionary, past or present?
Jimmy Hill.
A true expert in his field, but was instrumental in many changes that have shaped modern sport. Quite simply, a man, who loved what he did and did everything with passion. He was humble, but could laugh at himself too.

What is the biggest challenge facing the telecoms channel in 2017?

Encouraging resellers and end users to embrace change. So many companies are in a rut, sticking to what they know. Fortunately for Invosys many of our customers have vision and are willing to try new things as technology evolves.

And what has been the biggest personal challenge you have overcome?
Becoming an Ironman. Hours and hours of training, along with lots of blood, sweat and tears. Managing a full time role, home life and a puppy isn’t easy. But it is all worth it to make myself, my family and my friends proud.

Invosys are all about throwing out the rule book. Tell us about a time that you have thrown out the rule book to achieve better results.
I don’t believe in the Old School top down style of management. To me, it’s just not the right way to go. We employ staff at Invosys who are bright and intelligent. Why would we want to stifle their passion and creativity by not giving them the opportunity to help improve the business and working environment?

And lastly …. Can you rise to the challenge?
Challenge accepted. I never shy away from a challenge!


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