Another Succesful Year at Channel Live for Invosys

channel partners
September 20, 2018
Invosys is hugely pleased to announce another successful year at Channel Live. The team at the stand on both days had the opportunity to meet existing and potential channel partners and share with them some information about many recent and exciting developments on our end.

If you did not manage to get to Channel Live this year, do not worry! We’ve put together a rundown of the products and services our team showcased at the stand on the day.

channel partners

The New Invosys Hosted

Attendees had the chance to catch a glimpse of our new Hosted platform, which was exclusively unveiled at the show and is currently available to all current Invosys channel partners.

Built with customer behaviour in mind, the user interface of Invosys Hosted was redesigned to be intuitive but simple to use for everyone.

Invosys has made advanced VOIP accessible to everyone, regardless of their technical literacy, with a UI that allows users to design enterprise level call scenarios with minimal effort or expertise.

At the show, we received some great feedback regarding Hosted with plenty of current and potential partners enquiring about making the service a part of their own.

channel partners

Redefining Support for Partners

Our message for Channel Live 2018 revolved around redefining the support partners can expect in telecommunications. We feel that the word support in the industry has become synonymous with technical support, with providers only helping their customers in the event of something going wrong.

Invosys instead offers a multi layered support model relating to the areas of technology, sales, and marketing. We enable and empower our channel partners from the moment they start working with us, as we know that when they succeed, so do we.

channel partners

Become an Invosys channel Partner

If you would like to benefit from Invosys’ unique product set and our fresh approach to partner support, get in touch to speak to a member of our business development team today.

You can reach them by calling 0161 444 3333 or by sending an email to [email protected]

channel partners
Invosys Partner Brochure at Channel Live, 2018
If you already are an Invosys partner but would like to incorporate more of our product suite into your portfolio, contact your account manager today to discuss your options.

For further information about what it means to be an Invosys channel partner from a product or support point of view, follow the link to access an electronic version of our Partner Brochure.

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