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Years of Excellence Established 2006

Thousand Live Services on number manager

Million Minutes Managed in 2018

Thousand Lines of Code make up our products

easy to use and even easier to sell

Invosys are a new generation of innovator; a creator of ground-breaking communications solutions, that are easy to use and even easier to sell. Our in-house development team created our call handling portal – Number Manager, and we have continued to expand on this success with bespoke, Hosted and SIP solutions. In 2018 more than 800 million minutes were managed through the Number Manager platform and this year, we expect to break the billion minute milestone.

Free yourself from the limitations of an allegiance to just one carrier’s network or termination device. At Invosys, we offer our partners both redundancy and choice.


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With just a few clicks, you’re in total control of your business numbers and can manage how your calls are handled using our range of interactive services.


Rip up the rulebook! Integrating neatly into our trusted Number Manager Platform,  Invosys Hosted is not your average VOIP telephony service.


Invosys SIP hands your customers the advanced functionality of Number Manager without making them replace their existing PBX hardware and handset estate.

Invosys 24/7

A robust and intelligent support solution, Invosys 24/7 provides fully white labelled qualified technical support for you and your clients around the clock.

The Writing’s On The Wall

Important Notice for Croatia Numbers

IMPORTANT NOTICE    The regulator of Croatian numbers requires customers using Croatian numbers to be aware of the following points: That customer is not purchasing or buying Croatian number(s). Instead it should be clearly stated that the Customer is contracting to a...

Invosys declare war on the competition

Invosys declare war on the competitionTaking over Churchill War Rooms on 3rd October, Invosys welcomed 60 resellers to the VoIP revolution.The secret underground WWII bunker was the perfect setting to launch our strategy for resellers to take over the market. Sharing...

Introducing Hosted Voicemail!

Introducing Hosted Voicemail! The latest release of Number Manager brings an exciting new development to our hosted platform. Users now have access to a new voicemail system designed to help our customers never miss an important call.  Administrators can simply set up...

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It couldn’t be simpler to upgrade your portfolio to include Invosys products. To get started, book a demonstration with one of our expert Business Development Managers. We’ll not only provide ongoing training, assist with client meetings and provide ongoing support but also help you recognise opportunities with your new and existing customer base.

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Invosys are a new generation of innovator; a creator of ground breaking solutions, that are easy to use and even easier to sell. Exclusively Channel focused, we have lead from the front with our cutting-edge, in-house developed technology.


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